Metz Engineering and Racing offers a full line of services to accommodate and satisfy everything you need from start to finish. You won’t have to deal with multiple people, outside contractors and people who aren’t familiar with what you need to do what you want to do. Below is a list of our services.

Complete Machine Shop

We can make nearly any small- to medium-sized part needed for a race car or courtroom model, demonstration or exhibit. Metalworking facilities include a Bridgeport vertical milling machine with complete tooling, a South Bend metalworking lathe with complete tooling and a complete woodshop (table and band saw, lathe, thickness planer, surface sander, etc.). We can fabricate parts in metal, wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber and nearly any other material desired.

HVE and Other Simulations

We have complete computer facilities available, including the advanced Human Vehicle Environment suite of programs (Dr. Metz is a consultant and lecturer for Engineering Dynamics Corporation, the makers of HVE). Other simulation and computer facilities include SimuLink, MATLAB, CARSIM, TRUCKSIM, and the complete suite of Microsoft products. Dr. Metz has also written numerous individual simulation programs for clients.

Instrumented Vehicle Testing

We offer numerous hardware and software packages capable of instrumenting a test vehicle, whether for accident reconstruction or race application. On-board data acquisition packages, both analog and digital, are available and, if necessary, a custom-designed package can be created for an individual application.

Photography and Imagery

We have extensive experience with all types of photography and videography, and we can create images, videotapes, CDs, DVDs and large-format courtroom exhibits quickly and expertly. Using Photoshop, we can manipulate, format and emphasize such images quickly to create professional results. With PhotoModeler we can map a sign to reconstruction accuracy rapidly. We utilize our drone/4K video to perform aerial analyses of accident sites and utilize Video VBox equipment to produce videos of driving simulations, events and tests.

Expert Driving

We have extensive racing and high-speed driving experience in passenger cars, race cars and on motorcycles. If necessary, Dr. Metz can develop a re-enactment of many accident situations and perform it in a full-scale test and can also skillfully operate most forms of race cars. With the ability to perform limit-performance driving, Dr. Metz has the experience to successfully predict vehicle performance and convincingly testify regarding vehicle dynamics and accident reconstruction.